Joe Britt Jr's 2016 Presidential Election "What If...? Campaign
"Until we put the past in the past we will never live a day in the present!"

Presidential Candidate
Joe bro 

Until We can put the Past in the 
Past we will never live a day
in the Present!
What if this Generation...? 

Needed a new Home Page but didn't want to delete Old Home Page. I have a lot to say, just trying to figure out how to say it. Please be patient and give site 5 minutes.

Right now there are many Problems facing
the Future of Mankind & our Planet. 

I've stated that our problems we are facing can disappear
if we allow our A&E Designs to Evolve!

This is a big notion to put to most people so let me start by 
discussing how we live and how this 
Lifestyle can be looked at as the "Root"
of our Bigger Problems.

Over the past 5 decades Millions on World Leaders have stated
in some way that
"We need to change the way we live!"

Let me start by discussing the key elements that make up
Living in America!


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-Its not the biggest issue today but is something people can connect with.
-Every time you throw away something multiply it by 100 million to start! 
-Unless you believe in "Fairies" this garbage doesn't magically disappear! 
-In the United States alone we produce almost 300million tons a year!

-75% of this waste comes from the Kitchen Garbage Can.
-What if we could acknowledge this based on the way we live?
What if we could do better?  

The need to Consume "Energy" to support our daily lives!
-Starting with daily routines what of the following could you do w/o?
-Hot shower
-Cup of Coffee
-Running water
-Gas for Car
-Use Technology phone, laptop, tablet

What if we could live our lives w/o the need for Fossil Fuels?

Food & the role it plays on our Health!
-The food that makes it to our plate travels 3,200miles.
-How much energy is needed to get the crop from harvest to Supermarket?
-You need have a Scientist standing by if you want to understand the Ingredient used.
-Processed is now connected to poor healthy & we eat it everyday.

Water - Fresh Clean Drinkable
-Right now no matter where you are if things went bad tomorrow where would you find such a resource?
-90% of all the waterways in U.S. are polluted due to Human interaction.
-Many of our Cities big and Small loose up to and more then 50% of the clean processed water thru leaky pipes. Is this "Progress"
-What happens if stores stop carrying bottled water?
-How much "Energy" is put into providing clean and drinkable water? Is it Sustainable?

-What if the day of the Rectangular Box w/a shingled roof came to an end?
-Modern-day Architecture and its designs are the basis for all of the working classes Dependency and hardships. 
- In order to live you need electricity for lights, ref., TV, Computer,... then you are dependent on the system to provide electricity 24/7.
-Hardships include working like a dog to pay the "Bills" associated with having a home.
-What does Architecture have to offer?   

-Its the 21st Century and I do believe it's time people discuss the validity of having a Government that needs it people to Consume, Pollute and Destroy everything the Planet has to offer to raise taxes for it to use. 
-After nearly 300 years how is our Government
-To all those who understand finance when a government spends $100 for every dollar it brings in it should be shut down!
-Does America or the rest of the world governments that are in debt as well have enough natural resources to get the countries out of debt?
-This system isn't working and will not allow someone like me to come to fruition.
-I'm showing we can live w/o consuming Fossil Fuels and our current Government requires you to consume as much as possible! Time to rethink?
-What if a New President allowed all those in the country that had nothing to loose to embrace new Ideas and embrace a movement where thru the Evolution on Architecture & Engineering Community after Community became sustainable?
-What makes a Country Strong? Having 300 million people relying on the Government or 300 million living Sustainably and Happy?   


How to start a "Movement"
As you will see, its not the first guy who actually starts a movement its the Second guy!

For the past 15yrs. I've been dancing but I am an Architect & an Engineer. Let me show you the moves I made. I reached out a few colleges and a few found me. 100% I was Praised & 100% told I wasn't welcome back. Still looking for the "Second Guy"! Here are a few stories from the past that could represent my dance moves, remember I'm an architect;

- Harvard University Graduate school of Design extended me an Invitation to attend this years Executive Eduction & International Programs where you meet other like minded individuals from around the world and share "Ideas". So I chose the subject most related to what I'm talking about Evolution of Architecture and that was; "Moving Toward a Sustainable City". Boy what a waste of time that trip was. First day I shared the concept of "Thermal Mass Construction", which can be found in book on pgs. 4-17. The majority of class was impresses and presenter of class offered me an opportunity to give a presentation the next day which was forgotten about. The class went on. The only thing Harvard cared about was capping off our "Mistakes" from the past, rail yards, industrial sites or other contaminated land that wasn't being used. First a rubber membrane goes down then the concrete. Now you have this pretty spot where the rich can build more "Rental and Retail Space" for making money. This is what the rich call living sustainably! Finding any way to make money. Check my blogs for the 4 page letter I wrote and their response. If this is the attitude from one of America's Top Universities then we all should be scared.  

-My College was Morrisville College in New York. Graduated back in '90. Reached out to my old school back i 2004-5 and shared the concept of "Thermal Mass Construction" with them and they were the first college I approached. At first like all the following times they praised the "Ideas". First they said "I was truly amazing, that my ideas were beyond anything they had ever taught or had been taught. They went on to say I deserved my own Washington DC Think tank and that they shared it with xxxxxxx people and I should here from them in 2-3days. % days later I called up and got this message for the first of many to come, "We want absolutely nothing to do to you and you are not welcome back!"

-Other stories involve RPI, Vasser College, Rutgers University, Suny New Paltz, Columbia University, Cornell Cooperative,...

-It's time you realize the schools/government need you to Consume, Pollute and Destroy this Planet to raise money to pay taxes. Neither wants to see or teach you how to live sustainably. Once people figure out to live w/o needing fossil fuels and be happy why would they want to come back to all this struggling to survive! 


Here is my Diploma. What do I do with it? Coarse lacked all expectations!  


How many Americans feel like this guy? "I'm Mad as Hell and not going to take it any more!"


"The Great Dictator Speech"-

 If I ever get an opportunity to give a Speech I  hope I could give it with as much 

energy & Passion as this guy! 

Listen to the Speech one more time & then think about this. When we as a whole allow our Architecture to Evolve to the point where there is no need for fossil fuels the Power will for the first time in History shift into the Hands of the People. What if all countries United and allowed our A&E Designs to Evolve? Overnight there would be billions of new opportunities that could bring an end to War. What if...?


-It's the beginning of the 21st Century & the Human Race is in need of
-The only way this will ever happen will be for people to first realize that it is
"The way we live" that is causing all the "Problems".
-When people start talking about these issues then maybe their community will to!
-What will make 1 Sustainable Community even Stronger? Being surrounded by 
other Sustainable Communities that found out what it meant to, 
"Live and be Happy!"
-My first goal is to get people talking.
-Please click on to the OldHome page to see the website I posted a year ago.
-Please be patient, I'm not a writer or web designer, I'm a guy w/New Ideas!
-Looking for Help and Donations 

 -As always Peace, let there be Peace! 

And Vote with both your Heart & Mind this November!

Joe Britt Jr.